Sunday, May 24, 2020
Maximize Republic County EMS

About Us...
  • Republic County EMS serves 2500 citizens spread out over 1080 square miles.
  • We routinely transfer patients to regional hospitals in Salina, Wichita, LIncoln NE, Topeka and Kansas City.
  • We are one of the few services in Kansas that does it's own vehicle extrication and heavy rescue.
  • We have three identically stocked units and one rescue unit at our station in Belleville.
  • In 2005, we had 441 calls or a little more than 1 call per day.


"Serving all of Republic County and it's communities 24/7 from our station in Belleville"



Director: David Strnad, EMT-I
Asst. Director: Rod Dusek, EMT-ID
Secretary: Beverly Reynolds

Don Lieb, MICT, TO-1
Dawn Colby, MICT
Joseph Blecha, EMT-I, MICT-Student
Janice Dusek, EMT-ID
Randy Ainsworth, EMT-B
Brian Piersee, EMT-I, TO-1
Erin Dusek, EMT-B
Eric Nondorf, EMT-B
Jeff Simmons, EMT-B
Pam Smith, EMT-B
Melva Nondorf, FR
Trevor Lieb, FR
Jeff Smith, FR
Harold Fischer, EMT-D
Dave Holloway, EMT-B
David Kadavy, EMT-D
Julie Kreiner, EMT-I
Brad Shrader, EMT
Glenda Willis, EMT

We hold monthly Continuing Education (CE) meetings the 3rd Wednesday of every month with the exception of December. Our CE meeetings are open to any certified attendant in Kansas, free of charge.