Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Our Responsibilities

Our office maintains maps of the county, ownership and valuation records of each property in the county. By Kansas statute our office is responsible for the valuation of all property in Republic County, which includes real estate, personal property, oil and gas, and severed minerals.

Please contact our office with any questions you may have about your property.

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EQ No HOP Handout 3-16 pdf.pdf  251.00 KB
Form Fillable SVQ.pdf Sales Validation Questionnaire that can be completed online and printed109.00 KB
NRP Application 2016.pdf Neighborhood Revitalization Application76.00 KB
NRP PLAN 2016 Highlighted.pdf Neighborhood Revitalization Plan235.00 KB
Preparing for a Property Tax Appeal.pdf  48.00 KB
PUP Handout 3-16 pdf.pdf  239.00 KB
RecordsRequestForm.pdf Open Records Request Form54.00 KB
The Property Tax Appeals Process.pdf  33.00 KB
Yearly Value Summary 2014.pdf  60.00 KB
Yearly Value Summary 2015.pdf  61.00 KB
Yearly Value Summary 2016.pdf  63.00 KB
Yearly Value Summary 2017.pdf  73.00 KB